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that insurance claims could top $2 billion. >>> this morning, a mother -- an indiana mother speaks out about sacrificing her own safety as she used her body to shield her two children from the storm. stephanie decker picked up her two kids from school early in henryville, indiana. all three of them went into the basement before the tornado struck and waited out the storm. she shares what happened once the tornado hit from her hospital bed. >> and as soon as the glass broke, the house started shifting. and he was crying, and he was screaming. he's 8. so -- and reece is 5. i took a blanket, and i -- i pulled it over my children, and i tied it in a knot. i tied it so they were in this blanket tied in a knot. and everything started hitting my back, beams, pillars, furniture, everything was just slamming into my back. but i had my children in the blanket, and i was on top of them. and i was reaching around holding them. they were screaming, mommy, i can't live without you. i don't want to die. >> stephanie lost parts of both legs from the debris. neither of her two children was hurt. once the tor
state on thursday in portland, oregon. the winner plays either indiana or new mexico state. >>> and loyola university, maryland, has a tough task. the 15th seed greyhounds placed two-seed ohio state on thursday in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the winner will either play gonzaga or west virginia. ben's team, our producer. >> went to gonzaga, that's right. >>> now it's time to fill in your brackets. some take this seriously. i said very seriously. a new survey from yahoo! sports shows that fans spend an average of 75 minutes filling out the brackets. people fill out an average of more than four brackets apiece with 14% filling out as many as six brackets or even more. and bosses could keep a close eye out for coughs and colds. one in seven people say they actually -- they have actually called in sick to work so they can watch all the games. a lot of the games are on the computer anyway. they can hide that and -- your computer at work. >> i wonder if they could get a true assessment of how many people watch the games at work. i don't know. hard to get anything done. >> yeah. >>>
of indiana. showers and thunderstorms are going to be a big problem again in this part of the country coming up today. take a check of it on storm 4 radar. youy is that most of the showers -- you see that most of the showers are a long ways back to the south and west. and then across parts of central missouri. unfortunately, the highlighted area for possible severe weather, these showers and storms are coming our way for late this afternoon and overnight tonight. but again, not much going on early on our friday morning. but there is a slight risk for severe weather today. just out to our west. western maryland, central west virginia, but the bull's eye possible for much more strong to severe weather today exists from cincinnati, ohio, down through louisville, kentucky, lexington, nashville, northern parts of alabama, and georgia. this area here highlighted in the red, that's where the most -- the greatest chance is for more possibly strong to severe thunderstorms coming up later this afternoon into the overnight hours tonight. good news for us, the weather front that's causing that will be a
seeded indiana tomorrow. >>> some of the local teams didn't fare as well as vcu. loyola of maryland lost to ohio state 78-59 yesterday. that loss ended a record near for the greyhounds, they won 24, the most in school history. loyola won a single game eight years ago. that was the year before current head coach jimmy pastos took over the program. >>> georgetown is in action today. the hoyas take on belmont. georgetown is a three seed in this year's tournament. it's only favored by -- favored to win by four points. head coach john thompson says he knows from experience that even dominant teams can be vulnerable in the ncaa tournament if they're not prepared and focused. >> numbers next to the name mean nothing. if nothing else, we've learned that the last couple of years. if you don't come out ready to play, if you don't come out sharp, you know, all 64, 65 teams can win. can win that game that they're participating in. so you have to -- you have to be sharp. not worry about seeding at all. >> georgetown plays belmont at 3:10 this afternoon. >>> we know that march madness causes a drop in
damage. three inches fell in the houston area. >>> here's something students in indiana can look forward to after a devastating tornado destroyed their school. the group lady antebellum announced it will perform at the henryville high school prom. a deadly twister destroyed the school and a large part of the town of henryville. the group picked henryville during an online video contest. >> that will make it a prom to remember. >> lucky them. i can't remember the music they played at my prom. not group. >> not some major group. probably a guy with some records back then. >>> veronica johnson has the forecast. >> yeah. usually the deejay is always the less expensive way to go, right? not everybody's got the money for the pig thing like that. but today, folks, we're going to be slow getting through the morning with the drive. a lot of fog out there. some cloud cover, too. again, the low clouds, 57 degrees. fredericksburg, virginia, your storm 4 hometown forecast. 50s again, clouds and fog. 68 by noontime today. there will be spots that stand to get a better chance for some showers and storm
tornado warnings from friday to early saturday. >>> one of most heartbreaking stories comes from indiana. 15-month-old angel babcock died yesterday, two days after being found alive and alone in a field about 100 yards from her home. her family was killed on friday when a tornado rocked the southern town. angel's grandfather talked about the agonizing decision to take the little girl off life support. >> my pastor was going to go with me. we were going to pray, we're going to pray there. i'm going to tell that little girl that. i'm going to telling her that it's time to meet her mommy and daddy. >> doctors say angel suffered serious head and neck injuries in that tornado. and they could not reduce the swelling on her brain. >>> breaking news in iraq. an early morning shooting rampage killed 25 iraqi police officers in the western part of the country. a gongaware of men carried out the -- gang of men carried out the attack wearing military-style uniforms. the gang started the killings with two kidnappings of police commanders from their homes. the gang claimed they had warrants for 15 pol
indiana. got a few showers there, as well as up into northern ohio. that front will be sweeping in later this afternoon. out ahead of that, clouds will be moving in. and here's your hometown forecast for annandale. by noontime, mid 60s in fairfax county. going to be the story throughout the metro area. as we get into the afternoon, ought to peak in the mid 70s. between 3:00 and 7:00 we could get thunderstorms popping up. and then after that, we'll begin to clear out. by midnight near 60. by this time tomorrow, low to mid 50s. here's the risk zone. all this area in yellow could get strong storms. it includes a lot of our region, northern virginia, as well as much of maryland, the district, into west virginia. in this zone, there could be some storms that could produce damaging winds and hail. time frame, 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. after that, clearing, near 50 tomorrow morning. during the day on thursday, we'll have sunshine back. a bit of a blustery wind. highs reaching the mid 60s. friday, off to a cool start. above freezing. afternoon highs in the mid 60s. clouds around. saturday, partly s
that is triggering some rain that's way out here in western ohio and in indiana. that, though, will likely be arriving here by this evening. but throughout the day today, here's your day planner. we'll have our temperatures quickly climbing into the 60s by noontime. we'll have a blufrtry southwest wind sweeping in the warmth. ought to make it into the low 70s by early to mid afternoon and the winds will be gusting to around 30 miles an hour. then overnight tonight, cloudy and light rain moving in after sunset off and on until dawn tomorrow and then the sun back tomorrow afternoon with a high near 60. then a cold night friday night, down near 30 degrees by dawn on saturday. saturday afternoon, a chilly day. a lot of sun. it will be up around 50 degrees. it's the shortest weekend of the year. we'll have to spring ahead one hour saturday night as we change time. and then as we get into sunday morning, mid-30s. sunday, partly cloudy with a high near 60. and then back to work and school on monday and tuesday. lacking an hour of sleep. we'll have a possibility of rain. >>> danella, how's traffic
. everything in their home was destroyed. >>> we are also learning more about that indiana mother who lost parts of both her legs while shielding her children from the tornado. stephanie decker is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow. she's expected to have walk again using a prosthetic leg and foot in three months. as the storm approached, she died a blanket around her 8 -- she tied a blanket around her 8-year-old and 5-year-old children and used her body as a human shield. a beam even landed on her. the three were in the basement of the family's dream home. neither of the children were hurt. not even a scratch. her husband was at work at the time. we'll hear from decker coming up on the "today" show beginning at 7:00 right after "news4 today." >>> a day of fun for a group of friends snowmobiling on a utah mountain turned dangerous. a sudden avalanche quickly buried one of them, and the dramatic rescue was all caught on tape. look at this video. one of the snowmobilers climbed to a high point on the mountain, and the snow came barreling down. a huge chunk of snow 200 yards across came loose
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9